Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kickoff Rule Change!

I've got Good News and Bad News.
Bad news first. It was bad enough that NFL fans had to suffer through commercials, most of the time, right after a team scored and then again after the kickoff. However, on that kickoff you knew your team still had a chance to score or get good field position! Whether he has a clear lane to the end zone, brakes some tackles, or just flat out runs by everybody, it was exciting, unlike touchbacks.

Touchbacks may be good for the kicking team, but not for us fans, they're Boring! We know the NFL is claiming that they are making the game "Safer," but seriously, it's football! The players know what they've signed up for, An Extremely Physical, Hard Hitting, Full Contact Sport, FOOTBALL! No not flag football! Football. If the NFL was really trying to make the game safer they would be working on new pads and helmets, instead of changing rules. Anyway, the point is, when grown men are hitting each other injuries are going to happen.

Back to the rule change for kickoffs, the kickoff will be moved up to the 30 yard line, instead of the 35. Also kickers now can only start 5 yards back, instead of 15. Since kickers only have 5 yards to kick, maybe that will result in the ball landing in the same spot. I don't know, it will be interesting to see the how the rule change affects kickoffs/field position. However, there is always a chance we might not get to see, the new rule in action, this year *cough*CBA*cough*

I'm still upset that we didn't get to see the new playoff overtime rule in action.

Anywho, I saved the good news for last, they haven't changed punts yet! Oh, sorry I was hoping it sounded more exciting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jerry Gives Garrett The Dallas Cowboys Reins!!

Hello Cowboy fans, or just anyone who stumbles across my blog, as you can tell from my post I forget I have a blog every once and a while. Hahahaha. Anyways, I wanted to write about my opinion of the firing of Wade Phillips and promotion of Jason Garrett.
It was only a matter of time before Wade was fired, yes in past years Wade was a great 3-4 play caller, however, for whatever reason the players couldn't execute, weren't performing, and didn't give all they had. All along while watching the Cowboys struggle through training camp, preseason, and finally onto the regular season, I wondered how long it would take for players to lose their jobs. Of course I'm not there at practice, to see if anyone could possible replace the starters, but I would at least liked to give it a shot. Finally Jerry Jones, our beloved GM and owner, answered the call, and added one more person to the unemployment list. And now with Jason Garrett taking over he'll lead the Cowboys to go 9-7, make the playoffs as a wild card team, Garrett will lead us on the road all the way to the Super Bowl, at home once again we'll win the Super Bowl, and Jason Garrett will be known as a hero! But before Dallas can accomplish any of those feats, they will first have to get past the New York Giants. From what I've been reading, and the reports coming out of Dallas, Garrett has already started changing things and making a statement. From practicing with pads to just having meetings and practice earlier from now on. Garrett is instilling a since of order. I hope to see the players disciplined for consistent mistakes in the future. And No! I'm not talking about doing 50 push ups on National Television for dropping a ball, I mean being benched! Benching a player works! Last year after Kansas City recovered Patrick Crayton's muffed punt, he lost his special teams duty's after the Cowboys signed a new CB/PR. The new guy gets hurt which forced the coaches to put Crayton back in, and low and behold Crayton had 2 punt returns go for TDs, the first 2 in his career. My point is if a player is benched their pride is hurt, and they push harder to get back on the field and show they can play. I think Jerry made the right move, about 2 weeks to late, now the Dallas Cowboys just playing for the draft. Which leads to the question will Jerry or Garrett make the Cowboys first pick in the draft?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dallas vs. Cincinnati

The Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals were the first teams to take the field in the 2010 season, for the Hall of Fame game. Both the Cowboys and the Bengals had slow starts in a relatively boring game. The Cowboys defense had a little jolt in the 2nd quarter with a couple of turnovers, thanks to the Bengals QB poor play. The only time Cincinnati got into the red zone in the entire game was when WR Jordan Shipley was tackled about a yard short of the end zone on a punt return, which was arguably the best play of the game. Now I'll go over the disappointments and encouragements of the Dallas Cowboys first preseason game.

The Disappointments:

Once again we got to see the Dallas Cowboys offense struggle in the red zone, which brought back the bad memories from last season's games. Romo had some wild throws going on Sunday night in the red zone and needed to get rid of the ball a little quicker. I was hoping to see Marrion Barber in the goal line offense powering into the end zone, instead I saw Dallas stay in shotgun, and have Felix Jones in for the majority of goal line plays. Seeing that makes me wonder if this was a strategy thing, trying not to reveal anything good or bad in the goal line offense, or they were just trying to keep it simple. Either way I wasn't impressed with the Cowboys 1st team offense having to convert 3rd downs on their first drive. Finally for a team that wanted to be a run first offense last year sure didn't show that philosophy this year!

The Encouraging:

I was surprised and pleased when Romo hit Roy on a 3rd down post, which was a sight for sore eyes. Doug Free played a nice game as well, not allowing a sack and being solid against the run. Kicker David Buehler also had a solid day making 3/4 field goals, ranging form 22-34 yards, showing he can make the kicks Nick Folk couldn't make last season, which is the reason he was released. I knew Jason Hatcher and Stephen Bowen were capable of taking over for DE Marcus Spears, but I was still happy to see Bowen getting sacks instead of just QB pressure. Finally the young linebacker really put on a show Sunday night with 2 picks and a couple of sacks. It was good to see Dallas get turnovers, hopefully that will transfer to the regular season.

Sadly we are only in preseason and the real season is a little less than a month away, however, a little football is better than nothing and I still like to see my Cowboys play. GO COWBOYS!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Cowboys Draft

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell changed the draft to 3 days, instead of 2, this year which I thought was great idea. Anyways, the Dallas Cowboys, in my opinion, had a pretty good draft this year. Before the draft I was hearing a lot about all the Cowboys pressing needs: OLB, FS, OL, KR, and depending where you look CB, DT, and WR were on the list to. I personally only thought we needed a CB, DT, MLB, OG and OT and that was just for depth not a starter. Which I believe the Cowboys did except for maybe an OT. The Cowboys selected:
WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State, 24th overall;
LB Sean Lee from Penn State, 55th pick overall;
CB/FS Akwasi Owusu-Ansah from Indiana, 126th pick overall;
OT Sam Young from Notre Dame, 179th pick overall;
CB Jamar Wall from Texas Tech, 196th pick overall;
and DT Sean Lissemore from William & Mary, 234th pick overall.

All of these players will add some more depth to an already talented team and most of all should contribute on special teams. I believe that Dez Bryant will be the impact player, from the rookie class in the 2010-2011 season, in the return game as well as the receiving game, especially in the red zone.
However, Sean Lissemore, the DT from William & Mary, may end up being the gem from the 2010 draft. He was already compared to Jay Ratliff, by Wade Phillips.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dallas in Trouble

Dallas has won 1 out of there last 4 games," Whats the problem?" you ask, I don't know.
It could be that maybe there are to many divas are on one team, that the Cowboys are crumbling under pressure that the whole world placed on them to make it to the Super Bowl this year, or maybe just a little bad luck that followed Roy Williams from Detroit. Whatever the case is its evident that the Dallas Cowboys are falling apart. I'm no football player or coach for that matter but I know for a fact that if your getting paid millions of dollars a year you can sure play harder then the way they have playing vs. Arizona and St. Louis.
Maybe they need to find another QB or try Brooks Bollinger one week, who knows.
One thing is for sure at the rate the cowboys have been flying some changes need to be made. Or look at the bright side the Rams were looking like the worst team in the NFL so there has to be no where but up from here!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett Favre Tradded to New York Jets!

Brett Favre has been tradded to the NY Jets for a conditional 4th round pick.
If Brett Favre plays 50% of the snaps in 08 the Green Bay Packers will receive a 3rd round pick.
If Brett Favre plays 70% and reaches the playoffs the Green Bay Packers will receive a 2nd round pick.
And if Brett Favre plays 80% and makes a Supper Bowl appearance the Green Bay Packers will receive a 1st round pick.
Information from the NFL Network